DVBE Suppliers


We offer a complete range of materials and supplies from all manufacturers across the globe. We specialize in service and pricing. Our goal is to try to deliver our products as wholesale prices while having the service component remain uncompromised.

What We Offer

DVBE Suppliers is a Large Small Business. We strive to be a complete Material and Supply company, and we also strive to help your company meet all their diversity goals. We are a Tier 2,3 platform. 

We meet all of the requirements defined by the state of California in SCM 1, Section 8.14 A.2. (d)(e).DVBE Suppliers meets the participation level needed and performs a commercially useful Function as a DVBE / Small Business.

DVBE Suppliers is a Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Not only are we supported by companies like yours, but, we also support our local community efforts with our military veterans and their families along with helping minority and women-owned businesses.

About Our Company